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Maverick Chain BAAS platform

A BAAS platform serves for global blockchain financial market.




Cryptocurrency payment & financial solution

Crypto asset management

MVChain consortium blockchain network for asset liquidation


Powered by MVC BAAS

Cryptocurrency payment & financial solution for enterprises and individuals.More than crypto wallet.

0 Transaction fees

Arrives instantly

Payment SDK/API for enterprises & business customers

What is TTPay?

TTPay is a cryptocurrency payment & financial platform for enterprises and individuals.

TTPay core functionalities

TTPay wallet APP

TTPay payment SDK/API

Cold storage blockchain server for enterprises

Financial dashboard

Risk control & security management system

User interface for individual users
Android and IOS supported
Control your crypto assets

Cyptocurrency payment SDK/API for developers/enterprises
Easy to integrate for developers
Do not need any blockchain knowledge to integrate.

Offline server that keeps numerous private keys
Encrypted private keys for double protection
Disaster recovery backup

Balances, assets analytics, historical data

Transaction control, rights management, channel management

TTBTC is a professional crypto asset management product.

Considering the big fluctuation of prices of crypto assets, we cooperate with professional crypto asset management corporation, which is our affiliated company, and provides professional financial management service for enterprises who accept cryptocurrency.
TTBTC will trade mainly futures, options and other derivatives to hedge the risk and gaining profits for customers.

MVChain consortium blockchain network for asset liquidation

MVC Consortium Blockchain solution can be used on financial assets liquidation between different corporations. MVChain is focused on building a high performance blockchain financial BAAS platform for business. We help our business customers to use blockchain technology to reform traditional finance market. MVChain is a solution for financial assets liquidation between different corporations. Through this consortium blockchain, every members can verify data from the membership corporations while the data keeper corporation can keep their data in secret and encrypted.
Our core application TTPay is based on MVChain to do the liquidation.

For more detail please see MVChain whitepaper.


MVC Token


Pay for withdraw fee and management fee.

MVC token is the access to various features and functionalities that TTPay, TTBTC and MVChain offers. It also acts as a fee payment token and a discount token for business customers and enterprises.

In TTPay

Business customers pay for transaction fee and get discount.

In MVChain

Enterprise should hold enough MVC to be a MVC consortium blockchain node as a join fee.


Q: What is MVC BAAS?
A: MVC is a blockchain financial BAAS platform which includes various products and functionalities. The main functionalities of MVC BAAS are: TTPay – a cryptocurrency payment platform; TTBTC crypto assets management; MVChain consortium blockchain network for asset liquidation.
Q: What’s the relationship between TTPay, TTBTC and MVChain?
A: TTPay is developed on the base of MVChain as protocol layer. TTBTC helps TTPay’s customers to hedge risk of price changing and gaining profits through crypto assets’ derivatives. All of them combine together and provide a turnkey solution for both enterprises and individual customers.
Q: How to keep crypto assets safe on TTPay?
A: We only use offline cold storage blockchain server to keep the private key and deal with every transaction/withdraws. And we use MVChain consortium blockchain network for asset liquidation which means the whole database is encrypted and has several backup in every node. Nodes will verify the data from each other. Only more than 51% of the nodes serve’s approval can change the database. In this way we keep both private keys and database in top level safe.
Q: Is MVC BAAS totally open sourced?
A: We partly open sourced our codes. There are 383500 lines of open sourced codes in our Github For safety reason we didn’t open source our protocol layer.
Q: What services can provides? How can I get these services from TTBTC?
A: TTBTC provides crypto assets management service. TTBTC teams tend to adopt prudent strategy with low risk, low retracement and stable profits. For now, only enterprise/individual customers which holds more than 300k MVC tokens can get this service.

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