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Support CNY·T transaction



The MVC will exchange on KEX at 8:00 p.m. (GMT) on Dec 15. Maverick Chain is the best BAAS (Blockchain as a Service) company in China
Now it is aiming the Korean market! 




One of the most popular riding APP “Riding assistant”has announced
the cooperation with Maverick Chain. “Riding assistant” has more than one million users in China. The developer team will use Maverick SDK to add block chain function in the APP and will release crypto currency
“Riding Coin”.

We are pleased to announce that the Metaverse Foundation has
invested in the Maverick Chain project.Our team will cooperate
deeply on the BaaS(Blockchain As A Service) platform in the future.





Maverick Chain will be ready to trade on three international exchange platform within these days. Please pay attention to our
further notice.



Smart contract

Maverick System is a BAAS(Blockchain As A

The birth of blockchain makes our Internet 


Another feature of Maverick System is

Service) solution platform which provides

multi-chains-supported SDK.

evlove from information network to value

network. We stronly belive that Maverick

System will play an important role in this


compatibility with "smart contract": It is a 

system that can automatically transfer

digital assets based on rules or conditions

 arbitrarily formulated. In other words, it 

is a block chain with well-developed 

Turing-complete built-in languages that 

can code any status or condition and it 

also can create contracts to ensure the 

automatic execution of transactions. 


Complete the early bird phase,open the first stage ICO

Co-operating Agency

Secure & Efficient Blockchain Service

Tech Features

Maverick Chain will make your blockchain APP developement much easier.
With only several steps you can easily transfrom your traditonal APP into a blockchain APP 




Photos of our worldwide road show 

Road Show

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